Middle & East TN – Donated Items Available

Volunteer Tennessee has been researching potential donation sources for expiring EMS equipment and supplies to assist training our communities in emergency preparedness by locally led CERT, MRC, DART, and other volunteer programs. I recently reached out to Brandon Ward, Director of the Tennessee Department of Health – Office of EMS, requesting his assistance in identifying potential sources. He graciously forwarded my inquiry to several consultant contacts.

Good news, we received replies from organizations willing to donate. Priority OnDemand is making a huge donation of excess or recently expired EMS medical supplies. If your program has an interest in obtaining any of the supplies listed below for use in your volunteer CERT, DART, MRC, or other volunteer program’s training or exercises, please let me know ASAP. However, we encourage programs to only use these supplies for training/exercise purposes, as they are expired or about to expire but still in excellent condition.

The donated supplies (listed below) will be available for pickup at a warehouse in the Knoxville area on Friday, March 15, 2024 between 10:00am and 3:00PM at the Priority Ambulance warehouse in Knoxville. Their building is located in the Northern part of Knoxville off Highway 75 at 910 Callahan Dr., Suite 101, Knoxville, TN  39912 (just down the road from the UPS center). The warehouse entrance is at the rear (Southeast side) of the second building in from Callahan Dr.

Priority On Demand will donate the following items that are expired or are nearing expiration: 

Biocell Ambulance Protection SystemEA                          2
Coveralls – S 25/BXCS                          2
Coveralls – M 25/BXCS                          9
Coveralls – L 25/BXCS                        29
Coveralls – XL 25/BXCS                        31
Coveralls – 2XL 25/BXCS                        25
Coveralls – 4XL 25/BXCS                        23
Face Shields – 400/BXBX                        85
Face Shields – 280/BXBX                        81
Gloves – 3XLBX                        10
Gowns Regular -100/CSCS                      977
Gowns XL – 100/CSCS                      502
Hand Sanitizer – 1 OZ Bottle – 50/CSCS                        43
Hand Sanitizer – Gal Jug – 4/CS – 620500493CS                        12
N95 = Honeywell DC300 – 20/BX (200/CS)  CS                      530

Feel free to come load up on any of these graciously donated excess/expired medical PPE related training supplies. And if you have some extra storage space at your facility, please take some additional donated supplies on March 15 to share at a later date with other CERT, MRC, DART, or other volunteer programs near you.

If you plan to send someone to pick up supplies in Knoxville on March 15th between 10am-3pm, please email Don Sowers ASAP and let him know what time you expect to arrive

Don Sowers | Disaster Volunteer Services Manager

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